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"Study the past, if you would divine the future."
- Confucius
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Edward Shapiro PhD, Founder.
1001 Marina Drive, Suite 203
Quincy, MA 02171
P: (617) 456-7890
E: nobellectures@comcast.net
Luke Trujillo, Webmaster.
E: trujillo@nobellaureatesschoolvisits.org
Organization Information

What We Do

Nobel Laureates' School Visits (NLSV) is organized by NL Translation, a non-profit corporation that brings Nobel Laureates to public schools, to inspire the Nation's most promising students.

Through the NLSV program young people have a unique opportunity to personally meet and talk with the Nobel Laureates, who:

  1. Encourage young people to consider careers in science
  2. Mentor the ablest students in their quest for learning
  3. Challenge them to persevere in their studies
  4. Inspire them, so that they might become intellectual leaders of the future, and possibly Nobel Laureates themselves.

How many people have ever met a recipient of the Nobel Prize, much less had a face-to-face conversation with one of these exceptional individuals?

A Nobel Laureate Visit is a highly inspirational event for the entire school system: the participating students and teachers and the school administration. It even inspires the Nobel Laureates. It becomes a significant historical event for the entire community.

The NLSV program works with public schools worldwide. Through these visits, the Nobel Laureates program reaches thousands of school students, teachers administrators, parents and the general public through:

  • School-based conversations with groups of academically advanced students
  • School-wide broadcasting
  • Local access TV throughout the neighboring communities
  • Local news media interviews

The Nobel Laureates represent the greatest achievements of the human mind. We believe that Nobel Laureates, as role models, are the most appropriate source of inspiration, enabling students to achieve beyond what they think possible.

Our History

The founder of Nobel Laureates' School Visits Series, Dr. Ed Shapiro, is a Russian-American scientist, engineer, and inventor. He was trained at Abram F. Ioffe Institute of Semiconductors at the Russian Academy of Science in St. Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Shapiro now resides in North Quincy, just south of Boston, MA.

Since 1901, every month of December, at the time of their investiture, Nobel Laureates present two lectures, formal and informal. Back in 2001, thinking that people – especially high-school students – in his native Russia should be exposed to these presentations, Ed and his team arranged for their translation into Russian, their publication in a series of sixty volumes, and their distribution to schools and libraries throughout Russia.

In 2008, Ed came up with another idea – to bring Nobel Laureates to high schools in the United States. He shared this idea with Dr. Dan Fenn of Harvard University, who in turn brought in the Nobel Laureate, MIT Professor Robert Solow and two outstanding educators, Van Seasholes and Phil Flaherty of Massachusetts Secondary Schools Administrators’ Association. The MSSAA Executive Officers embraced the Program and provided the institutional base for its implementation. The initial financial support for the Nobel Series came from IBM Corporation.

As of December 2013, NLSV has brought Nobel Laureates to 39 public middle and high schools in rural, urban, and suburban communities of Massachusetts, New York, California, and Illinois.

Now, Nobel Laureates' School Visits plans on continuing its mission throughout the United States.

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